Radiomun — Another Me / It’s obvious (SA042)

1. Another Me
2. It’s Obvious
3. Another Me (Sleekey Remix)
4. It’s Obvious (Pretending Remix by Saint Gooseberry)
5. It’s Obvious (mind.area Mix)
6. Another Me (Kei Kohara Remix)

«Another Me / It’s Obvious” – the newest double single by alternative-pop band Radiomun. You could hear these guys’ fancy sound on the debut release «Tot on the Mun» and if you still haven’t done that – we strongly recommend you to fix the situation!

«Another Me» brings new music experiments, this track will fascinate you immediately with melody and huge atmosphere, put into thoughts about human duality and hard choice when it comes to our “I”..

The another side of the Moon, song “It’s Obvious”, – irony about people in eternal excruciation, “painful comfort” presented with deep bass and cold electronics. Single «Another Me / It’s Obvious” is the case that has to be called must have and you’ll see it true.

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