StopTalk — The Best Life on Earth (SA043)

1. Being By Your Side
2. Dreaming
3. We’re Modern
4. Leader
5. Death Of Empire
6. Evolution
7. Over The Lines
8. Let’s Merge Into One
9. Return Into Yesterday
10. Work
11. Over The Lines (Mental Discipline Remix)
12. Leader (LeadMe mix by WANT/ed)
13. Over The Lines (Fate Creator post-synthpop mix)
14. Leader (Purple Fog Side Mix)
15. Over The Lines (Shhhhigomix)

REVIEW from (DE): Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, wie viele wunderhübsche, elektronische Musik-Pflänzchen in letzter Zeit auf russischem Boden gedeihen und die Herzen der Synth-Pop-Welt erobern. Wo kommen die denn alle auf einmal her?… Read more

January 23 will be released “The Best Life on Earth” – the long-awaited album of StopTalk, whose compositions have already gained the hearts and ears of many fans of good music, both in Russia and overseas, and the single “Over the Lines” had the honor of winning the 24th place in the top 100 Russian electronic chart.

“The Best Life on Earth” is innovative approach to pop music with its unique presentation, which includes a deep, sometimes academic male vocal, virtuoso work with a variety of musical genres and splendid melodies that immediately sink into the mind. In general, it is absolutely sincere and thoughtful album, raising the theme of the modern world saturated with irony. We recommend it for private listening. Own it!


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