Teknique — Nightfall (Deluxe edition) (SA046)

1. The Night
2. Life Of Lies
3. Synth Hacker (Is That All There Is)
4. Face The Reality (1992 Single Remix)
5. Believe
6. Hands Of Faith
7. Der German Muzik
8. Human Nature
9. Face The Reality (Original)
10. Life Of Lies (TourDeForce Remix)
11. Face The Reality (Rob Rowe White Noise Mix)
12. Synth Hacker (Drone 13 Remix)
13. Face The Reality (Simple Cut Remix)

REVIEW from electrozine.net (DE): Eine Ausgrabung der besonderen Art hält das russische Scent Air-Label Anfang des Jahres für die weltweite Synth-Pop-Gemeinde parat. Teknique ist ein Duo aus San Diego, das 1992 ein Album aufnahm, das nie veröffentlicht wurde und nun… Read more

Teknique was formed in the beginning of 1992 by Aaron Young on keyboards/backing vocals and Jeff Barringer on lead vocals. They left a successful local Depeche Mode cover band called Intervision to start their own original blend of Synthpop and Dark-Wave. Throughout 1992, Aaron & Jeff continued to put together their first album and ended up recording the album in a bedroom in San Diego. The results were quite astounding considering not having a professional recording studio. At the end of 1992 and the completion of their album, they played their first concert promoting the new album Nightfall. After 1992, Life and other priorities got in the way and Teknique was put on hold for the indefinite future.

Fast forward to 2012, Aaron and Jeff started working on new material for a new album. But, before that was to be released, ScentAir records heard the demo and wanted to put it out. Jeff, now a mastering engineer, remastered the Nightfall album to today’s standards. With the advice of ScentAir records, Teknique had current remixes done to compliment the original album and release a Deluxe version of the Nightfall album. One of those remixes was done by none other than Rob Rowe, lead vocalist from the band Cause & Effect. Teknique was and still are fans of Cause & Effect to this day and so it was an honor to have Rob Rowe remix Face The Reality which is included on the Deluxe version of Nightfall. Going forward, Teknique is finishing up 4 brand new songs for 2015 with more to come in the future. Stay tuned!


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