Fate Creator — Quattro (SA047)

01. Stargazer
02. Crystal Ship
03. Last Friday
04. Follow The Night
05. Cry
06. Last War
07. My Dream
08. Eighteen
09. Set Me Free
10. Foreigner
11. See In Your Eyes
12. Game Over

Fate Creator band is back! At this time, band release digital-album “Quattro”. Album Quattro comes two years after the release of the first album “Creator Of Fate”. Music “Fate Creator” has played in the style of synthrock, with a large experiments in the electronic component. The band’s music, though, just full of guitar drive and expressive vocals, which was more like a classic rock vocals.

Listeners probably already familiar songs that are included on this album, “Follow The Night”, which was released on the Synth Radio Russians vol.5. Perhaps, this song sets the mood for the album, which tells of the difficult choices and finding yourself with a bit gloomy and melancholic narrative. We can talk about it endlessly… We propose to you put aside everything and listen to this album, as well as to see the first official video of the band on the already well-known song “Follow The Night”.

The band:
Vladimir Polunin – vocals.
Alexander Goroshko – guitar.
Alexander Kostylev – drums.

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