mind.area — Glowing Grey (SA048)

1. Just One Day – feat.FleshWire
2. Cabdriver
3. Life is a Bitch
4. Renegade
5. Lies
6. Should Have Known – feat.MeCha
7. Die Lektion
8. Perceptions(…we are) – feat.Aynth
9. Never Fade
10. No Regrets
11. Neubeginn 2K15

REVIEW from electrozine.net (DE): Elf Jahre existiert dieses Projekt von Maikko A. (Human Decay, A.I.Zero) mittlerweile und geht anno 2015 mit dem dritten Album an den Start. Zunächst einmal verrät die Tracklist, dass es sich weiterhin um kein reines Solo-Projekt im klassischen Sinne handelt, denn es sind erneut einige Gäste an Bord, die mal mehr und mal weniger in den Schaffensprozess involviert wurden… Read more

REVIEW from voxempirea.com (EN): Mind.Area is a dark-electro / futurepop / IDM / EBM / solo-act founded in 2004 by the polyhedral German musician Maikko, who, together with Gordon Black and David Méndez, forms the line-up of the EBM / industrial / electro project Human Decay, into which he’s keyboard player and visual-maker… Read more

INTERVIEW from electrozine.net (DE): Etwas mehr als zwei Jahre hat es gedauert bis Maikko A. erneut ein herrliches, elektronisches Klangkonstrukt unter dem Projektnamen mind.area zusammengeschustert hat. “Glowing grey” ist der Titel des neuen Albums, das elf Lieder enthält, die durch eine ausgewogene Mischung aus Komplexität und Eingängigkeit überzeugen. Von: Torsten Pape… Read more

mind.area – a german project established in 2004 – has proved a recipe for bringing fine tunes to the demanding electro-crowd. In the past, two albums and five eps have build a good reputation and now it’s time to reveal the new works. With “Glowing grey” mastermind Maikko A. – also known as a member of Human Decay and A.I.Zero – once again shows his ability to produce fascinating, multi-layered soundscapes where razor-sharp and sometimes disturbing structures meet fine melodies. In each and every of the eleven tracks you can discover sci-fi-atmospheres, strong rhythms and catchy frequencies, always combined with a small and warm human touch that brings life to these artificial constructions. A further aspect in presenting an extra amounts of human influence and variety are for sure the many guests who helped Maikko A. to create this album. In the end you find strange earworms (“Cabdriver”/”Never fade”) right beside songs full of ice-cool, lunatic or even angry feelings but also dancefloor-smasher as “Lies” or “Die Lektion” and floating tunes (“Perceptions (…we are)”).

It’s time to discover the new temptations of the mind.area!


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