Alkemic Generator — Mechanical Reflections (SA050)

1. Parallel World
2. Inner Duality
3. Back To Origin
4. Artifical Humanity
5. Sunken Anchor
6. Mechanical Reflections
7. The Vitruvian Theory
8. Oniric Threads
9. Until The Last One
10. Another Day?
11. Sun Is Going Down
12. Parallel World (Aesthetic Perfection RMX)
13. Back To Origin (C-Lekktor RMX)

Afer debut with “The Oniric Geometry”, Alkemic Generator emerges with new ideas wrapped within “Mechanical Reflections” . The band enriches EBM sound with a powerful female voice that enlightens story about the past, present and future, supported by a strong guitar sounds all the time. On the 2nd lbum, Alkemic Generator seeks for the innovations in the musical arrangements and introduces beats not frequently used by electronic musiians. Particular note to this album gives a collaboration with with well knon artists from the EBM world, such as Aesthetic Perfectonand C-Lekkto. Time will reflect mechanically a particularity of a new release signed by Alkemic Generator.

Alkemic Generator is an Italian trio that fuses EBM together with Gothic sounds, the structures of Rock character, combining them with operatic female vocals. The musical pedigree that hides behind the name of Alkemic Generator has its origins in 2012, and now indicates for a combined EBM sounds and styles. Band has promoted its first release titled “The Oniric Geometry”, which was released in April of 2013, by Nilaihah Records. During the 2014 band prepared a material for another album and recently have concluded work in a studio and finalized sound mixing. A finalisation of the project is actual in the moment and is supported by the ScentAir Records. Meanwhile, a promotion of the new songs is ongoing on the live shows.


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