Radiomun — Radiomun Season – The Remix 2015 (SA051)

1. Middle of the World (Radiomun Spiral Mix)
2. Here We Are (People Theatre’s Alive Mix)
3. Lies Flowing (Original Mix)
4. Get Up and Climb High (Kei Kohara Remix)
5. Here We Are (Ruined Conflict Remix)
6. Choose My Own Way (Erotic Elk Remix)
7. Middle of the World (Crosblade Mix)
8. Here We Are (Original Mix)
9. Now (The Lost in Desire RePerform Mix)
10. Lies Flowing (RedLine Remix)
11. Another Me (Kei Kohara Remix)
12. Here We Are (Radiomun Kuman Mix)

A brand new fresh release by bright alternative-pop project Radiomun! Summer is already winking, life is gaining momentum and rhythmic tracks from remix-album “Radiomun Season: The Remix 2015” are sounding in unison! It’s a unique opportunity to see many familiar band’s songs from absolutely another angle!

Radiomun prove one more time that it’s impossible to hang a genre-label on them! New ideas, new summer, new day – so there are new sounding and emotions! «Radiomun Season: The Remix 2015” – a gift for everybody!

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