DekaLog — Outsider (SA054)

01. На войне
02. Механический рай
03. Ошибка бытия
04. На экране монитора
05. Мой мир исчез
06. Биоробот
07. Другая сторона
08. Сказочный лес
09. Тело
10. Механический рай (Remix)

The “DekaLog” was founded in 1996 as a duet. Its first members were Anton Shameev (vocal, keyboards) and Vladimir Demidko (guitar). In 2000 the team temporarily stopped its work after Vladimir Demidko had left. In 2002, with the appearance of a new member, Andrey Zinoviev (guitar, vocal), the team started again. And in 2003 the first album named “Films about nothing” was released. The album contains old DekaLog’s songs written in synth arrangements in the period from 1996 to 2000 and new tracks as well. The album was created with help of Tatiana Pereymivovk (back-vocal). In 2004 Andrey Zinoviev left the project and nowadays it consists of two members: Anton Shameev (main vocal, keyboards) and Tatiana Pereymivovk (back-vocal, keyboards).

As musicians say, melody and lyrics are the main components in their songs. Melodies of the tracks convey the emotional experience and philosophical meaning to the listener.

“The Outsider” is not just a new album. It’s a really new sound of the DekaLog-project! Instead of putting lyrics and melody on the first place in this album, musicians gave priority to the high quality of the sound. By doing so, they wanted to keep the album up-to-date in the music world! With the release of the first single of the album “Mechanical Paradise” in 2014, which appeared in the annual collection of post soviet synthpop scene “Synth Radio Russians 5”, the musicians realized that they are moving in right direction.

Not only have the musicians put their soul in this new album, but they have also tried to convey the tragedy and horror of the current world events.


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