A.I.Zero — Follow EP (SA057)

01. Follow (Oracle Remix by Oracle Kai)
02. Follow (Armageddon Dildos Remix)
03. Disease Of Responsibility
04. Follow (Remix by Photic Sonar)
05. Keinen Bock
06. Follow (Restriction 9 Remix)
07. Follow (EP-version)

REVIEW from electrozine.net (DE): Der klanggewaltige, aber eher im gemäßigten Tempobereich angesiedelte Opener des Debüt- Albums “Reality design” wäre wohl vielen eher nicht in den Sinn gekommen, wenn man eine Umfrage für einen möglichen Singlekandidaten gestartet hätte… Read more

A.I. Zero rise again! After the critically acclaimed, genre defining, cyberpop album “Reality Design”, A.I. Zero returns stronger than ever with the Follow E.P .

Reaching new creative highs with 2 brand new tracks. Integrating powernoise and ambient sounds A.I. Zero shows their ability to create something innovative, but don`t forget to rock.

With remixes of the title track ‘Follow’, from industrial stars Armageddon Dildos and Wolfgang Thums, who is known for his works for and with german techno star Dominik Eulberg and his own project Photic Sonar. Furthermore the awesome mixes of Restriction 9 and the summerhitesque remix by Oracle Kay. In whole an EP is build that will hit the eclectic tastes of electronic music fans all around the world.

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