Vaylon — Empty Streets (SA059)

01. Empty Streets
02. Empty Streets (Personal Space Remix)
03. Depend On You (Treacherous Remix)
04. Vinslöv

ScentAir records presents you the newest single from Denmark based trio Vaylon! It called “Empty Streets” and includes the single version itself, two mixes and the b-side. It’s the second single from forthcoming studio album The Uninvited Feeling coming up in September!

Vaylon has a long history, that begins in the early 90´es, where the old friends, Ole and Dan, started to fiddle around with music. Bands such as Depeche Mode, Erasure, Camouflage and other related synthbands, spawned a deep love for the synth genre and also a desire to play this kind of music. But with the lack of synthesizers and equipment to back up the boys, they simply began to play rock music. so, high on enthusiasm and rock star dreams, they began to record music, with a few tape recorders. Guitar, bass and a small drum machine were the only instruments used. The feedback was great, and the guys were high on hopes. But everything has an end, and they got separated in 1995, due to family and other obligations. Since then, the technology has improved to the better, and the equipment has become far more accessible for the common man. This means, that they are now ready to invade the electronic scene, with a constellation of catchy melodies, throbbing rhythms and energetic bass lines.

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