Vaylon — The Uninvited Feeling (SA061)

01. Drive
02. In Divide
03. My Demise
04. Empty Streets
05. Last Exit
06. Stillborn
07. The Uninvited Feeling
08. Strange Desire
09. No Remorse
10. Stars
11. Your Name
12. My Galvanized Heart
13. Payroll
14. Rituals

REVIEW from (DE): Manchmal könnte man ja schon den Eindruck gewinnen, dass bei elektronischer Musik, die aus Dänemark kommt, immer ein gewisser Claus Larsen seine Finger im Spiel hat… Read more

Since the first self-released EP ”love ?” In 2011, Vaylon has been searching for a playmate, to help raising the flag and promote their music. It has been a struggle to find such a partner and there has been many walls to climb. But everything good, comes to he who waits and above all… The making of music will always be worth creating, as long as someone loves to listen?

The new album ”The Uninvited Feeling”, started as an EP late december 2014 and there were no plans of a new album any time soon (Perhaps even never) But when ScentAir contacted them and offered an album contract, they simply couldn’t resist the ”try” and ”slowly” the new ideas, started to ignite the guys. The band itself is of course very happy about the result and is not afraid, of calling it ”the album of the year”


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