Sparky4 —Sun Within You (SA062)

1. One
2. Sun Within You
3. Chains
4. Life Goodizer
5. Poly Baby
6. Learn To Love
7. Enjoy The Silence (Sparky4 Remix)
8. Sparky
9. Life Goodizer (Nick Klimenko Progressive mix)
10. Chains (Nick Klimenko Remix)
11. Sun Within You (Nick Klimenko club mix)

REVIEW from (DE): Auf der “Synth Radio Vol.6”-Compilation stach eine Band besonders heraus und zwar das Trio Sparky4. Ihr Track “Chains” war eine herrliche Nummer, von der man einfach nicht genug bekommen konnte. Nun liegt endlich ein ganzes Album vor und es springt zunächst einmal das quietschige, etwas amateurhaftes Cover ins Auge… Read more

Sparky4 project is a dynamic and emotional story of synth pop/electro acoustic music. Its mood brings back to the golden 80-s and leads forward, to the modern trends of dance music. Sparky4 are Nick Klimenko, also known as the founder of world downtempo project Chronos (sound producing, songwriting), Maria Karimova (vocals, composing, music producer) and Alexey Ansheles (guitars, vocals, songwriting), united for creating a colorful mixture or tight modern groove, warm analog keyboards, duet vocals and romantic cello fluids (Galina Schetinina). The concept and lyrics of the project carry spiritual and philosophical sense, a call to act, accept challenges and changes with courage, to enjoy life with all of its manifestations. The slogan of the project, “We are one”, means the unity of all living beings, all nations and religions in one harmonious flow, here and now. Through music and movement, we come back to our ways.


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