Reflection — Theorema (SA068)

1. Due Sono Uno A Roma
2. Pensar No Es Sentir
3. Sin Retorno
4. Esa Luz
5. Matar Por Ti
6. Cuz-Nyc
7. Our Eternity (feat. Henrik Iversen)
8. Cielo Despejado
9. Desde El Sol
10. Por Que?
11. Dejar Ir
12. Tengo Que
13. Solo A Bailar
14. Theorema
15. Due Sono Uno A Roma (English Version)
16. Theorema (English Version)

“THEOREMA”, their debut album, is to feature 13 tracks in Spanish, 1 track in collaboration with Henrik Iversen (from NamNamBulu), and 2 bonus in English.

Reflection, is an argentinian techno synth pop duo that was formed in 2011 by Franco Doglioli and Franco Colombo. A musical project which has been borned of two energies coming from different paths but profound common features and ideas, which decide to merge, to create a new concept in the latin techno pop with synthpop rooted basis, by focusing on providing quality, both melodic and vocal, with letters which transport his audience to different environments and climates, with theatrical touches and attention to aesthetic details, evolving, like life itself , seeking to capture and express through each track those inner feelings that make the human being , a unique and fascinating experience.