WANT/ed — Fringe (SA069)

1. (You) Won’t Regret (feat. Holger Muller)
2. Baiter (feat. Holger Muller)
3. Sputnik 1 (feat. Holger Muller)
4. Let’s Get Entwined (feat. Patrik Hansson)
5. Counting Days (feat. Tomas Gustafsson)
6. Save Me (feat. Dania Morales)
7. Hard to Breathe (feat. Patrik Hansson)
8. Talking Dead (feat. !Distain)
9. Film in My Head (feat. Holger Muller)
10. Craving (feat. Holger Muller)
11. Fringe (feat. Vlada Haruhi)
12. Trust a Broken Heart (feat. Julie Newman-Sanders)
13. Uncivilized (PSYCHE cover)(feat. Patrik Hansson)
14. The One Man Crowd Noise

Please welcome the new album fron Russian band WANT/ed! 14 tracks edition includes the collabration with such great musicians as Holger Muller, Patrik Hansson (VANGUARD), Tomas Gustafsson (EROTIK ELK), Dania Morales (ANYTHING BOX), Vlada Haruhi, Julie Newman-Sanders (ONE VISTA), Alexander Brown and Manfred Tomaser (!DISTAIN)!

The album named Fringe opens the new page in band’s history. This time guys tried to use some different paints to draw the already recognizable sound. As a result is 14 diversified tracks: pure melancholy, serene harmony and full of optimism at the same time. 14 different chapters in a book named Fringe.