Dani’el — The Book Pt. III: Heaven Shall Be (SA071)

01. Defunctorum
02. Why Is That
03. Guardian
04. Getting Bigger
05. Belteshazzar
06. What Am I Waiting For
07. Redemption
08. Precious
09. Safe (Belteshazzar’s Version)
10. To Dare 12”
11. Wait For Me
12. It’s Time (Belteshazzar’s Version)

Bonus tracks:
13. Algabal /Damir Ludvig Remix)
14. Only You (Damir Pushkar Remix)
15. Redemption (The New Division Remix)
16. Moonchild (Psyche’s Walk Through The Fire Mix)

“Modern, cosmopolitan and full of feeling; it makes you want to live life, not give up on it and move to suburbia.” – these are the words of one of the many critics of the albums The Book Pt. I / II that Dani’el, synthpop artist from Croatia gave us in the last two years.

Introduced himself with his debut album “The Book” by Conzoom Records, Germany, 2013. album has many brilliant reviews, marked with 4 of 5 stars by Rolling Stone Magazine. In collaboration with many artists he has given us remixed debut album “The Book: Revision” in April 2014 by his label, Dita Entertainment and later an EP The Book Pt. II: Redemption. Dani’el was picked up by Spotify itself to be added in their more than 20.000 followers strong “Fresh Electro” playlist and holding the #1 spot on Deezer for a month.

Crystal clear sound, flawless mixing of synth and electropop music that lives by the impressive voice of music teacher, Dani’el comes with the final chapter of The Book series, 16-tracks album, named “Heaven Shall Be” including reinvented hits like “Safe” and “It’s Time”. The album featuring a cover song “Precious” by Annie Lennox, a famous hit from her debut solo album, Diva (1992.) with bonus remixes by Psyche, The New Division.

The concept is roughly adapted from “The Book of Daniel” with Dani’el’s visions about love, life, loneliness and fear. Though the full story isn’t told, it lifts some character names, like Belteshazzar, and keeps the same setting – how to relate to loved ones, an inability to be happy, to have fun, to make friends, to be anything but lonely inside.


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