Insight — A Light In The Darkness (SA074)

2.A Long Time
5.The Same Mistake
7.My Window
10.Woman In Black
11.Damage (In Good Faith Remix)
12.Alive (Techni-ka Remix)
13.My Window (Cyborgdrive Remix)
14.Fame (Neosynth Remix)
15.Alone (Alexis Voice Remix)
16.Damage (Technique Remix)

Insight is the music project of Raul Munoz-Torrero.
Insight born in 2012 when after being part of several synthpop bands I decided to start composing songs on my own.
I started to share my demos in different webs and that’s how I made some contacts in synthpop national scene.
Insight music is influenced by the music of electronic bands like Depeche Mode, IAMX, De/vision, or Mesh.
In 2015 I had enough songs to start thinking about making an album. That’s when I met the producer Cyborgdrive who understands my music perfectly and helps me to give the final sound to my songs
“A light in the darkness” Insight debut album, is to feature 16 tracks including remixes from producers and synthpop bands like Cyborgdrive, Techni-ka, Alexis Voice, NeoSynth, In Good Faith or Technique.