Kasper Hate — A Hunter Must Hunt (SA077)

1.Intro: Eis, Eden
2.(Don’t Talk To Me About) Heroes
3.One Way Ticket
4.Heartbreak Lane (Album Version)
5.Interlude: Of On And Off
7.Chor Javon / Falling Like Trees
8.Too Young To Be This Old
9.On Top Of The World
10.It’s All Over Now, Baby
11.No Holy Night
12.Stoked Up Void
13.Credo Punabbhava

New age electronic, huge dance pop and lush synthetic ballads.

Kasper Hate find new expression of their music with their 3rd studio album in collaboration with ScentAir Records. The 13 songs pair classic songwritingwith inventive beats and instrumentals. The tone switches dramatically between dynamic contemporary electro grooves, singalong pop and lush synthetic ballads, while veering emotionally between introspective vulnerability and fist-pumping fury. In some ways “A Hunter Must Hunt” carries the most of Kasper Hate’s personality and it looks like they’re in the game now.