BIO — Pioneers (SA078)

1.Красная планета
3.Биоконструктор (продолжение)
6.СССР (Next version)
9.Биоконструктор (Lounge version)
10.Пустота (Original mix)
11.Роботы (Робоголос микс)
12.Красная планета (Мечте на встречу микс)

BIO is a music band that was founded as an electronic project in 90’s and it is an example of Russian synth-POP. This band was created by Alexandre Yakovlev in 1990 after “Bioconstructor” broke up, being a band- founder of soviet electronic music. Other members of “Bioconstructor” established a band called “Technology”. BIO’s sound is well known not only in Russia but in other countries. This band has always been focused on synth-pop sound with philosophical and technocratic texts. A few albums were issued last years: from 2005-2009 BIO’s anthology of songs, an MP3 collection with all the songs of the band and best remixes.

In 2010 the band recorded and issued a new album “Heroes of mysteries”.

In 2014 a project “Pioneers” was launched. This album in particular we would like to present in our CD.
Here you can find songs that are similar to each other because of the common subject of the disc which is finding ways for our civilizations to enter the space, understanding that in near future it will become possible to step in the nearest planets of the solar system.

These songs will remind people how the inner life is connected to the outer world. Here you can see some changes in people’s destinies due to their decisions and re-comprehensions of what is happening in their lives.
In this album you will find a ready-made script of science-fiction movie about a future expedition and its flight to the nearest star system called “Sirius”.

What can happen with astronauts during their difficult journey full of unexpectedness? Who and what can help people on their space roads? And who are they the pioneers of the Space?

This CD with the album “The Pioneers” anticipate soon release of totally new work of BIO with absolutely new content! Everything continues!