Austerity Complex — Reflections (SA080)

2.New Horizon
6.Mystery Girl
8.Summers Past
9.Nature Of Man
10.She Wants Me
11.Sweet Suburbia
12.Devious(TourdeForce Mix)
13.Purity(WANT/ed Stars Mix)
14.Mystery Girl (The Dynamic Master Mix)
15.New Horizon(Klaak Mix)

AUSTERITY COMPLEX is an English/German Synthpop project based in Dresden (Germany)

The duo Nigel Wheeler and André Schuster formed in 2011 with the idea to re-create the sounds of the 80s synth movement with a modern day feel. (“The New 80s”)
They performed their first show in Dresden in 2012. In 2014 they were voted winners of the Sonic Seducer magazine Battle of the Bands contest. Many successful concerts followed, including support shows for Project Pitchfork, Blind Passenger and Forced 2 Mode.

After so much positive feedback the duo decided it was time to go in to the studio and record their debut album.

The roots of this album are firmly set in the tradition of the 80s heady Electronic era, reminiscent of such innovators as OMD, Gary Numan, Jean Michel Jarre and The Human League.

By incorporating modern day grooves the duo have created their own unique style of synthpop with rich atmospheric sound structures, enchanting melodies and vibrant dance beats which meet emotional and timeless lyrics.

Whether on the club dance floor or a romantic evening at home “REFLECTIONS” is the album for all ages of lovers of synthpop!