Transponder — Hammer And Anvil (SA081)

01. Tanzen (Original by Tragic Error)
02. Bad Blue Boys
03. Photographic (Original by Depeche Mode)
04. Headhunter (Original by Front 242)
05. Lerchenzungen featuring Les Berrtas
06. Auf der Jagd featuring Zynik 14
07. Dein Alptraum featuring Engelsstaub
08. When We Return To Bleiburg featuring Human Nihil & Leaether Strip
09. Good-Bye
10. Body Music (Back In Mind) featuring Leaether Strip
11. Tanzen gehn (Original by Hubert Kah)
12. We Want Some Pussy (Original by 2 Live Crew)
13. Totally Bass
14. Dr. Mabuse
15. Kim Jong Un : Fuck You
16. Croatia (Original by Leaether Strip)

01. Bewegt euch feat. Leaether Strip
02. Stomp The Cybers feat. Leaether Strip
03. Kampf, Sieg oder Tod feat. Leaether Strip
04. The Return Of The New Beat feat. Leaether Strip
05. Man Zane Iraniam
06. Tanz Kretin, tanz feat. Leaether Strip
07. Commando 242 feat. Leaether Strip
08. Collateral Murder feat. Leaether Strip
09. Man Zane Iraniam (Remix by Sixth Comm)
10. The Return Of The New Beat feat. Leaether Strip (Remix by Parralox)
11. Kiffen Sie? feat. Leaether Strip
12. Totally Bass (TR 808 Version)
13. Out Of Here feat. Leaether Strip
14. When We Return To Bleiburg feat. Human Nihil & Leaether Strip (Remix by Bleiburg)
15. Totally Bass (Stomping Cyborg Version)

Transponder is a project of Freund 424 and Hanz Acid which came together to do a mix of Anhalt EBM, Aggrepo, Dark Electro, Electronic Body Music, Minimal and N.D.W. Freund 424 does all music and Hanz Acid the voice and a few additional sounds.

The first record of Transponder “The Strength Of My Fist” with 16 songs including a EBM version of the Frerestyle song “Fantasy Girl” of Johnny O. was published in a limitation of 242 copies and is sold out as CD, but available at the Transponder website : in different online-stores for download.

The song “Der Stiefel” from the first album was a great success because the song take part in the Orkus magazine no. 118.

After “The Strength Of My Fist” the first online single called “Man Zane Iraniam” was published. The second online single from the song “Der Stiefel” follows including 16 songs with remixes of Les Berrtas, Batch ID, Frontal and more. The third online single “Totally Bass” is a song from the 2nd album “Hammer And Anvil”.

“Hammer And Anvil” contains 16 songs at the first CD including cover versions of Tanzen (Tragic Error), Photographic (Depeche Mode), Headhunter (Front 242), Tanzen gehn (Hubert Kah), We Want Some Pussy (2 Live Crew) and Croatia (Leaether Strip) and three collaborations with Les Berrtas, Zynik 14 and Engelsstaub.

At the second CD are a “Best Of” from the singles “Man Zane Iraniam” and “Totally Bass” and collaborations with the band Leaether Strip.