BIO + Pavlov & Computers — SynthieScheme (SA083)

01.Scheme (synchro mix)
02.Robots (synchro mix)
03.Control (synchro mix)

04.Phone robot (synchro mix)

05.Postmodernism Estetique (synchro mix)

06.Wires (synchro mix)

07.I need information (synchro mix)

08.Phone love (synchro mix)
09.Electronic Computer (synchro mix)
10.Videolife (synchro mix)

11.New Art (vocoder version)

12.Scheme (vocoder version)

13.Robots (vocoder version)

14.Control (vocoder version)

15.Phone robot (vocoder version)

16.Postmodernism Estetique (vocoder version)

17.Phone love (vocoder version)

“BIO” is the legendary electronic project declared about itself in 1990-s.

It is fairly to be considered the classical example of Russian synth-pop scene.

“BIO” was created by Alexander Yakovlev in 1990 after the decay of “BIOCONSTRUCTOR” group – one of the founder of Soviet electronic scene.

“BIO” is still faithfull to its style – technoromantic, the style founded by A.Yakovlev, i.e. electronic music,
conducted by phylosophic and technocratic lyrics with positive bias.

Several albums were published recent years : anthology of “BIO”‘s songs.

Moreover the greatest hits mp3 collection was published having all group’s albums and legendary songs best remixes.


The “Heroes of Secrets” album was recorded and published in 2010.

The album “Pioneers” was the project of 2014 and published in 2016 on CD.

Alexey Pavlov – talanted Moscow musician was involved into “BIO” project since 2006 to 2009 developing his own project called “PAVLOV & COMPUTERS”.

This album, “SynthieScheme”, containing “BIO”‘s various years remixes, is a result of studio cooperation of “BIO” and “PAVLOV & COMPUTERS” groups.

BIO”: Alexander Yakovlev- arrangement, vocals, keyboards, electronic percussion, effects;

Anthon Derevyanko – keyboards (live performance).

“PAVLOV & COMPUTERS”: Alexey Pavlov – arrangement and adaptation, keyboards, musical programming, vocoder