Ultranoire — Intronaut (SA084)

1.Technicolor Lies
2.Playing Dead
6.Spukhafte Fernwirkung
8.Pleasure and Pain
9.Private Cosmos
11.Nothing To Live For

Ultranoire a German/Hungarian duo are growing in popularity
in the Hungarian and foreign dark underground scene. Are due to release their long awaited second album
Intronaut in January 2017 following success with their debut album Disclosure. Ultranoire approaches vintage
synthpop from its darker side (somewhere in between, Kraftwerk and early Depeche Mode) combining sensual
baritone vocals with some gloomy, cold mid tempo electronic sounds. The new album Intronaut is an ambitious
mid tempo synthesis with a little deeper tone than their previous one.

The lyrics are characterised by easily opening metaphores and pictures. Josef Stapel the bands singer/songwritrer calls these songs as a journey into the private cosmos. A dying internal entropic universe of an “Intronaut”
being a person suffering from anxious depression caused by personal life crisis’. The sound was consciously designed to invoke the synth wave mood of the 80s and 90s. Intronaut contains 9 songs and 2 instrumental tracks.

It will be available from January 2017 as a CD format and digital download released by ScentAir Records.