Troika — Tirania De Lo Domestico (SA085)

2.Declaracion Institucional
4.Dr. Sueno
5.Luz perdida
7.En descomposicion
9.Malditos espejos
11.Pripyat (Insight Remix)
12.Asincronico (Mist3rfly Remix)
13.Luz perdida (Van Helsing Mix) by Fuckware

Troika is a Spanish electronic music band composed by Emilio Guzman
(vocals), Daniel Fito (machinery and programming) and Antonio Ramirez
(keyboards and programming) whose musical approach is reminiscent of
EBM and Synth?pop, mainly influenced by bands like Depeche Mode, And
One,VNV, with bleak songs
And deep lyrics, wrapped in a dark electronics, covering topics as
seemingly different as personal relationships, friendship, or science

Their debut album “Tirania de lo domestico” will include 10 songs and
three remixes by Insight, Mist3rfly and fuckware.

The band was set up in 2015.
04/04/2016, their first single Prypiat was released through their
bandcamp. This track will be included in the compilation CD Synthetic
Generation 2 and it includes remixes of Insight, El Octavo Pasajero and

04/11/2016, their work “Tirania de lo domestico” is launched in its Spanish
version, and it includes ten tracks.

10/01/2017, they take part in the CD tribute to Azul y Negro called Seres
Extranos with the song La Torre de Madrid.