ManOK — Dies Irae (SA086)

1.In the empyrean
2.Returned alive
3.Yellow Moon
5.Spring Guest
7.Sky of the war
8.What did you dream?
9.Red Dragon
10.World in the wires
11.I saw the light
12.In the empyrean (Acoustic)
13.Incubus (Remixed by Ginger Snap5)
14.Yellow Moon (Anton Gagarin Remix)
15.Autodafe (Hyperhate RMX)
16.Yellow Moon (version by Invisible Devastation)

ManOK – electro experimenters from Odessa. Gloomy romanticists, they paint their Darkwave music by the varied palette of instruments. The musicians are seeking their perception of the world in dreams, symbolism and eschatology. The musical palette prevails EBM and Synth-goth.

Provocation, shocking and lyrics at one disc.

Meet new album of ManOK, electronic experimentalists from Odessa! They returned with a new expression, feelings, eschatology. And, of course, with their unique atmosphere. “Dies Irae” – for those. who can feel and think.