Nordika — Ecstasy (SA089)

2.No Perfection
3.Inside You
5.Broken Dreams
6.Demon of Pride
8.Ecstasy (Share Your Lust)
10.Solo un Error

Nordika’s fifth album will be available in physical and digital format as of April 14, 2017,
containing 10 new and unpublished songs, written and produced by Hector A. Marin,
mixed and mastered in Aquo Rec Records, released by Scent Air Records from Russia,
limited edition to 300 pieces, in golden disc, with booklet of letters to 8 pages, contains
the participation of the Mexican photography firm “Infocus Fotografia” and the creation
of art by “Proyecta Design”.

At the musical level, the album maintains the scent that characterizes it and also includes
two new songs in the native language of the band in Spanish (one of them written in the
city of La Oroya on the Nordika tour in Peru at the end of 2016) In addition to 8 new
songs in English, all of them going through a sequence of emotions. Introspection, lust,
pain and madness are part of this “Ecstasy”.

In the cover and general concept, Nordika sought to create something that evoked
sensuality, emotion, frenzy. It was thanks to the participation of the model Ginette Vidal
and the talented photographer Aaron Diaz “I have always wanted to make nude photos
that have an aesthetic and technical justification, in this photo I wanted to achieve a
sublime representation of the female body, which would lead the viewer more beyond the
natural morbid ”

After the great “Blut” in 2016 with many collaborations, in this album Nordika sought to
make a 100% Nordika album, in Alex’s words, “this album sounds like we always wanted a
Nordika album to sound”.
Nordika is very grateful for the support received on this album from Russia, to reach all
corners of the world, an album made with much effort, dedication and proudly made in