Детектор Лжи – Летать! / Lie Detector – To Fly! 2CD (SA090)

1.Торжество Разума
2.На Заре
4.На Горе
5.Несколько Слов
6.Сражения Воли
7.Аусвайс На Небо
9.Торжество Разума (trance mix)
11.Пепел Сердца
12.Письма Мертвого Человека
13.Уроки Рисования
14.Хочу Летать

1.In The Skies
2.Fly On
3.Milky Way (RANDOM DISTRIBUTION trause remix)
4.Fly Away
5.Drawing Lessons
6.Angel (radio retouch)
7.Comme raggio di sol
8.Battle of Will
9.Flames Of The Heart
10.Pray (version 0.1)
11.Triumph of reason (radio retouch)
12.I want to Fly
Bonus tracks
14.Never Never

Review from Peek-A-Boo

Review from Side-Line

Russian synth formation LIE DETECTOR is about to release their long-awaited debut LP. Most of the tracks were recorded and mixed a long time ago and were simply waiting to be released in a physical form.

Members of LIE DETECTOR describe their sound as ECLECTIC SYNTH MUSIC. Victor and Sergey are constantly working with world-renowned artists in the role of sound producers, remix makers or arrangers. Aside from that, they are the biggest and most famous collectors of synthesizers and electronic musical instruments in Eastern Europe.

However, the creative and experimental drive of this duo does not end there. Their recently formed side-project called PRINCIPAL SCHEME OF LIE DETECTOR is a masterful take on brutal experimental music, a mind-bending clash of DRONE, AMBIENT, IDM and NOISE. Without a doubt, LIE DETECTOR is the only electronic outfit in the country that holds and organizes electronic music festivals in historical and space museums. For example, the band regularly puts on a show at The Memorial Museum Of Cosmonautics in Moscow. LIE DETECTOR’s live performances are not your regular live shows: each performance is a colorful theatrical celebration of music and art that always get an overwhelming emotional response from the audience.

Frontman of LD Victor Shejin-Burko is known as a prolific stage and film actor, lead singer of many musicals, a TV persona involved in popular projects like THE VOICE. Aside from that, Victor is a passionate pet owner and animal rights activist.
Sergey Alexandrovich Minko (aka RANDOM DISTRIBUTION) is widely famous in Russia and Europe thanks to numerous remixes and projects he has put out over the years. As a professional sound engineer, Sergey pays a tremendous amount of attention to the quality of sound, the mixing and the mastering of the material he is working on.
While working on a record or a live performance, members of LIE DETECTOR constantly collaborate with various musical acts from academic instrumentalists to children’s choirs and electro-acoustic performers, thereby expanding already broad horizons of their distinct sound.
Not long ago, a new artist joined the band — Maxim Panchenko (aka MAX WOLT) holds a deep admiration for the origin of electronic music in the spirit of legendary KRAFTWERK.