Telekon — Hope for Believers (SA091)

01 Restless Days
02 Promise of Radio
03 Shining Lights
04 Time
05 In the Darkness
06 Lost for the First Time
07 My Sorrows
08 King of Nothing
09 Be Grateful for what you Have
10 Turn Around
11 In the Darkness (Nordika remix)
12 In the Darkness (Uncreated remix)
13 Lost for the First Time (WANT/ed TransWerk)
14 Lost for the First Time (Cyborgdrive remix)
15 Lost for the First Time (Dieddropop comercial mix)


Telekon is the musical project of Juan Grande (Techni-ka) and Raul Munoz-Torrero (Insight) Telekon is a pop-rock electronic band. Telekon music is close to dark synthpop ebm with a fresh sound influenced by the music of the 80’s. Analog sounds from 70’s and 80’s combined with heavy rythms but taking care of the melodies “Hope for Believers”, Telekon’s debut album, is to feature 15 tracks including remixes by producers and synthpop bands like Nordika from Mexico, Patrik Hanson (Uncreated) from Sweden, WANT/ed from Russia or Dieddro and Cyborgdrive both from Spain.

“In The Darkness” (Single), 2016
“Lost for the first time” (Single), 2017