Elezoria — Astray (SA096)

1. Tell Me
2. Motion
3. You Can See
4. Up Against Time
5. Farewell
6. Frozen Tears Of Sorrow
7. Ceiling And Walls
8. I’ve Lost My Road Home
9. Rain Washes Away
10. One Careless Word

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Elezoria is a Russian project founded by Dmitry Nordman in 2008.
In October 9th there will be the release of their long-awaited album “Astray”, which includes 10 tracks.
Initially, Elezoria was created as a field for experiments with gothic electronic sound. Gradually a new style of the band was formed, combining synthpop, darkwave and EBM elements with a noticeable influence of the European dark-synth wave of 90s.

Astray is a certain life stage of the author and performer; all events and experiences are reflected in the music. Sudden changes of views and mood swings are expressed in complex harmonical variations. Punchy bass lines and technical rhythm section are often drown in the gloom of the ethereal atmosphere. The autobiographical nature of the lyric is a common theme every song of the album, merging them into a single whole, conceptual, finished release.

All the work on the album was done by the author himself, without resorting to the help of other musicians and sound engineers, excluding the song “Farewell”, recorded with the singer Laly Fox

Dmitry Nordman briefly expresses the essence of the album as: “The projection of the inner struggle outward: between the givenness and the dream; this is a meaningless search for freedom where it can not be in principle.”