Kasper Hate—Why Live When You Can Rule (SA098)

01 Schwarzromantik (Intro)
02 Replaced Sun
03 Killer Words
04 Reasons To Pretend
05 Big Boys Cry (Album Version)
06 The Flood
07 You Got Me Broken
08 Sugar Coma (Interlude)
09 City
10 One Heartbeat, One Love
11 In The Arms Of Unconsciousness (Album Version)
12 End Of An End
13 (Take Me) Home
14 You’ll Dream Me, I’ll Dream You (Outro)

Review from Side-Line

In preparation of their new studio album Kasper Hate released three videos which already showed the new direction of this third longplayer (exluded WolfSkill which was a collection of earlier singles and works). ‘Why Live When You Can Rule’ is a heavily electronic, often danceable and much louder album than you might expect while listening through the Band’s previous releases. The whole album is typical Kasper Hate but also new, fresh and full of magical songwriting moments.
Distorted vocals , strong bass lines with catchy and clever pop cores, bewitching synthpop ballads and not least the creepy but on the same hand beautiful lyrics make WLWYCR Kasper Hate’s best work to date.