The Livelong June — The Art of Living (SA101)

03.Minus Ten Degrees
05.Hello World
06.The Life We Could Have Lived
07.(You Put Me In) Robot Mode
08.That’s Why I Love Weekends
09.On My Own
10.About Us

Lyrics are ambiguous and pretentiously poetic, circling around the struggles of life and the art of living. The focal point is the static noise of life; like on that old analogue TV set when the image is just not clear. In this black and white noise you will find nuances of darkness close to bright tiny dots of pure light. Just like life.
The Livelong June is Benny Gustavsson and Marcus Rejnevik.
With intelligent lyrics about relations and everyday life, The Livelong June forms the soundtrack for grown up misfits and outsiders. People who just refuse to fit in completely. And people who are not able to.

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Interview with Peek-A-Boo

We have been in contact with the label for some time to mutually plan for our debut album, says Marcus Rejnevik, The Livelong June. Now, me and Benny Gustavsson, the other half of the band, have signed a deal for a single and an album, which will be release during first half of 2018.
The Livelong June has so far released two singles on their own label, been aired on indiependent radio stations on all continents, not the least in Germany, the UK, Russia and the USA. The band has also been voted artist of the month twice on Berlin based Liquid Radio and have won prizes for their music videos.
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Review from Bodystyler

I’m happy to have The Livelong June on the label, says Vladimir Romanov, CEO at ScentAir Records. They have an exciting sound with retro flirts that still sound contemporary. On top of that they are interesting since the lyrics play such a vital role in their music.


That’s why I love weekends, EP, 2015
(You put me in) Robot mode, EP, 2016
Friends, EP, 2018
We are the new underground – Year 1, Compilation, 2015
Swedish electro vol. 3, Compilation, 2015
Swedish electro vol 4, Compilaton, 2016
Let there be synth 5.2, Compilation, 2016


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