Larva —The Sun Has Set Over Russia (SA103)

1.Agachar La Cabeza
2.Frio Y Oscuro Amanecer
3.You Are Alone
4.Los Perros Ahorcados No Ladran
5.Todo Es Una Estafa
6.Save Me From Myself
7.A Piece Of Me Is Dying(Without You)
8.Family Error
9.El Ejercito De Moscas
10.My Old Demons
11.Hate State

Due to many concerts in Russia and keeping in mind the growing popularity of the band Inquest
decides to spread exclusive release for Russian market. His choice fell on the promising Russian label Scent-Air Records, a good partner of the band`s home label Advoxya Records.
This release is a good example of how not to fight and to cooperate in this world.
Beside all the floor killers written by the band during the last decade, this record contains two exclusive tracks that have never been released before.

Let the band talk about this release:
“If a second is enough to die, it must be enough to change.
I live in a labyrinth among shadows where I only seek the peace of my solitude.
I only seek the darkness that has to hide my feelings and has to accompany me in my solitude.
Shout to the world everything you have to say, do not bow to those who do not understand you!!!”

These words can summarize this work of Larva’s.
‘The sun has set over Russia’ is a compendium of eleven completely remastered hit songs to shake the Russian audience.
It is like watching a crow at sunset in front of the Caribbean coast, outside its environment and condemned to fly without return. Solitude, your faithful friend, does not betray, is always with you.

Review from Bodystyler

It is a way of shouting to the world, that you are not part of it.
That you are going to walk your own way.
And f_ck everything else!”


The Story of one of the most renowned electro-industrial bands in Spain began 14 years ago in a little town near Barcelona.
After the self-release of Larva`s first two albums (“Diogenes Syndrome 2005” and “Autosecretarismo 2006”), Inquest, the main-brain behind Larva band, decided to join a label to get more efficient in releasing and distributing the CD albums. His choice fell on the young Hungarian label Advoxya Records ran by an enthusiast of dark – electro scene and this profitable cooperation has been continuing for more than 10 years.
“Voces Del Laberinto 2008” and “The Hated 2009” as well as remix – EP “Entre Agujas 2010” have followed. Due to its hard work the band someday got more and more invitations to perform on the stages abroad. Its releases got new formats and ideas (limited editions, 7 inch vinyls, gatefolds,box-sets and more..). Followed by “Broken Hopes Of A Wasted Youth 2012”, “Where The Butterflies Go To Die 2013” that all has eventuated in the intensive support-tours.
Beside the European gigs the band took over the Spanish-speaking audience Overseas (Mexican tours are now included in all the promotional tours) as well the Russian-speaking market ( the band has visited “Energy Open Air” in Ukraine and “Dark Entries Open festival” in Russia). Larva, together with French A7IE, accomplished a 10-dates Russian tour in autumn 2013.
Meanwhile Anoxia became a full-right member of the band supporting Larva in the studio and on stage.
For celebrating 10 years of the existence of the band its first compilation ever „The Worst 2004-2014” has been released.
New material, which also appeared on color vinyl as well as on various CD-formats, came out under the title „Abominations 2015”and has been followed by „Scars 2017”, which has been released as double-vinyl and CD.

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