The Evasion On Stake—Noises And Prayers (SA104)

1.Slight Flavour
2.Stability & Gossip
5.3-D Spoken
6.Again In The Past
7.Returning To The Floor
8.Access Denied
9.Hard Work
10.A Mind To Kill (The Step Between Kissing And Killing)

Review from Side-Line

The music of THE EVASION ON STAKE is heavily inspired by all the New Wave/Electro Genres of the 80s and was compared in many fanzine reviews to The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Depeche Mode, Cassandra Complex, Gary Numan, Soft Cell, OMD and many more. The style shows many New Wave-moments on one side and heavy EBM/Industrial influences on the other – the more rough/dancable side of THE EVASION ON STAKE is now presented on the CD „Noises And Prayers“ on ScentAir Records.

In 2006 a Best of-CD was released on Suboptimal Records and new recordings started. In 2013 the Download-only-album „Hyperplane“ was released. In 2016 the Russian Electro-label ScentAir Records became interested in releasing a CD with all the EBM/Industrial-inspired tracks of the tape-period of the early 90s.
Review from Bodystyler

THE EVASION ON STAKE was founded in Hamburg/Germany in late 1986 as a follow-up-project of Anti Trust by Haiko Herden (musically active since 1983 with bands like Charles Lindbergh n.e.V., Johnny Beton and many more). As Anti Trust was a very minimalistic Electro-project, THE EVASION ON STAKE was intended to produce more open-minded Wave/Electro-music. After some very minimalistic distributed tapes, the first „official“ release came out in late 1990 as „Night By Night“ on the newly founded Beton Tapes-label. About ten further tapes, two videocassettes followed until the mid 90s on Beton Tapes and various other labels of the world-wide tape scene, added by about 30 Compilation tracks on tape, CD and vinyl. Liveshows took place in Germany with bands like 1 SBH, Trinity Mania, Cyber, Paralysed Age, Black Condition, Dreadful Shadows, Les Berrtas and others – then THE EVASION ON STAKE took a break for about 10 years.