Electronikboy— Short Circuit (SA107)

3.Error Gramatical
4.Biblioteca Nocturna
5.Me Entiendes
6.Fuego Y Acero
7.Affair De Verano
8.Abrir Cerrar
9.Patinaje Artistico
10.Es Nuestro Xanadu
13.Et On Parle
1.Biblioteca Nocturna (Lifelong Corporation Remix)
2.Error Gramatical (Experimental Feelings Remix)
3.Fuego Y Acero (La Suite Bizarre Remix)
4.Bratislava (Bolmer Remix)
5.Apnea (MIST3RFLY Remix)
6.Patinaje Artistico (Lifelong Corporation Remix)
7.Me Entiendes (3PO Remix)
8.Biblioteca Nocturna (Jet 7 Remix)
9.Error Gramatical(Cyborgdrive Remix)
10.Bratislava (Victor Lefreak Remix)
11.Patinaje Artistico (Jota M Remix)
12.Me Entiendes(Gekkan Probowler Remix)

Review from Side-Line

Electronikboy breaks its silence with “Short Circuit”!
The third work of Electronikboy under the title “Short circuit”, the band introduces us 13 new tracks which are 13 gemstones of electropop and 11 remixed tracks that will become the delights of the dance floor lovers. Unlike their two first albums, this time they have rejected the lead French language and preferred Spanish. But do not be afraid, despite the language, the essence of Electronikboy still remaining in those topics in which Manuel Jiménez, Jofre Sanfeliu (Boris Michael), Armando Jiménez (Blacanova) and David Rodríguez (Sundae/Escuela Pías) have helped with.
“Short circuit “includes “Error gramatical”, the gig single they let us listened to in 2006. However, this new creation also includes much more: since songs with huge potential on the dancefloor like “Me entiendes”, “Biblioteca nocturna” or “Patinaje artistico”and a new French song for the nostalgic of the band. The design of the front page is on the prestigious Spanish artist Iván García.
Despite of having changed the language, Electronikboy has not lost its talent when creating melodies not only efficient but catchy. 2018 is their year again. And who knows, maybe they pack their luggage soon to officially present un Japan these 13 new indispensable songs for any sympathetic to electropop. Although this is a story to be told in the adequate time.
It’s not usual to be received with open arms in Japan. But Xavi Sideboy, Juani Mist3fly and Hugo Ramos, which is the same as Electronikboy, they can easily boast about this success. In 2007, when they dared to show respect to electronic pop with their first album “Débuts”, they were clear they move in their element in synthpop worn with elegant silks and in the most hedonistic EBM. But it was not until 2009, with their publication of their second album “Voila” that Xavi and Juan’s music surprisingly was well received among the Japanese public after their visited Tokyo and Osaka.


Electronikboy starts as a pop electronic duo which makes his songs though the network. Xavi Sideboy (Barcelona) and Mist3rfly (Sevilla) are separated by 1042 Km. The distance made possible that every composition became a challenge until ‘Débuts’, their first album, showed up (Susurrando Records, 2007): 14 tracks in French, dancing and elegant that were introduced on live in Festivals and in several clubs in the main Spanish capitals. In 2009, Hugo Ramos joined the band as a percussionist on the live, becoming part of their performances.
After visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Sevilla with ‘Débuts’ so many times, Electronikboy travelled to NY in 2008 to give the first performance in American lands in Nacotheque’s program, being one of the most highlighted events in the main publishing and specialized press of the place, demonstrating that the its music is able to break the established clichés and go beyond borders.
‘Débuts’ didn’t go unnoticed on its way out. The review rated the duo’s first work as: ‘an album that shouldn’t be missed by everyone who loves electronic music’,’ This album contains some tracks that with no doubt they should remain in electronic music history of our country’ or ‘the music quality, its sensuality, sound compositions shapes made that this CD, wanted the project continuity’. The specialized magazine LH provided to ‘Débuts’ the award ‘Best Electropop Album’ in 2007. Nacho Canut (Fangoria) selected one of the songs for this mixes album ‘Reconstructivismo Abastracto’ and the TV show ‘Puro Cuatro’ selected ‘Un, Deux, Trois’ as one of the best themes in the year.For his second album ‘Voilà!’, same to the first one, ‘La Mujer Barbuda’ from Sevilla provided them the graphic design based on anaglyph 3D. With one of these songs, ‘Mon petit oiseau’ they reached the first place in the electronic music category, within the selected themes for Eurovision 2009, reaching the semifinal emitted by TVE.With this album they travelled around the Spanish geography once again and they travelled to Japan for a tour which led them to Tokyo and Osaka. The Japanese label ‘Labyrinth Records’ chose ‘Je suis fou’ song for one of their annual compilation.
Short after, they start their collaboration with the graphic artist Garbi KW who creates two of their most important clips. ‘Voilà!’ clip went to so many international Festival Music Video, growing mentions and awards.
The successful review and public led them to republish ‘Voilà!’ but using a new format as a gift to their fans and also to attract and engage new ones: a new remixes album called ‘Et Voilà!’ with 4 collaborations with J pop Japanese bands, as a result of their performances in Japanese territory. This time, Kiko Alcazar ran out the design.
After that, the Japanese label Aorizm Records launched the Electronikboy’s first compilation in Japan: ‘Danse!’ with songs made for that occasion. The released of this CD comes whit live presentations in Club Asia and Club Seata in Tokyo.During this period, they share stage with popular national formations at the top line as Fangoria, Nancys Rubias, The Pinker Tones, Hidrogenesse, OBK or Bla!.
In autumn 2013, Electronikboy went around American territory again, this time in Tijuana in La Mezcalera and in Los Angeles in The Lash Room, introducing new songs and remembering themes of their three previous albums.
In Spring 2014, they edited their first compilation for Mexico with Molecula Records, which includes a new single ‘Vacaciones’, which reached the Top 1 in many different websites specialized in their premiere and some new themes.
In 2016 showed up a preview of their new album, ‘Error Gramatical’, which will be included in their new cd. The video clip, produced by Muzgo Films has already more than 30K visits, a record for the band. This work receives a special mention in the Music Festival Clip in Buenos Aires. Which this preview, they came back to Japan to provide new performances in Tokyo and Yokohama in summer 2016, sharing stage with Japanese bands.
Their new album ‘Short Circuit’ (2018) will contains 13 new songs of dance, electro and lighting pop and 11 new remixes designed for around the world dance floors. Enjoy!


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