BIO —Reactivation (SA108)

1.Control (A. Yakovlev, O. Podkovyrov (Fires))
2.Interface (A. Yakovlev)
3.The Zero City (A. Medvedev)
4.The Aesthetics of Postmodernism (A. Yakovlev, A. Khokhlov)
5.The Sun (Alexander Yakovlev – A. Bondarenko)
6.Fire (A. Yakovlev – A. Bondarenko) e
7.The Exit (A. Yakovlev)
8.Start (A. Yakovlev)
9.Planet of Storms (A. Yakovlev)
10.The Martians (A. Yakovlev)
11.We Design Life (A. Yakovlev)
12.Bioconstructor, continued (technoromance mix)
13.Spring, in anticipation of (A. Yakovlev)
14.The Martians (Phobos mix) (A. Yakovlev)
15.Interface (mix № 707) (A. Yakovlev)
16.Remembrance of the Future (A. Yakovlev)

This album was recorded during 2016 and 2107 by using last years’ materials.
It includes brand new songs as well as pretty old ones recorded in a different style that you’ve already heard.
The overall album’s name tells us about urge to fill up with meaning and energy, everything that we like and helps us to be cheerful and optimistic.
Cosmic techno romance. Songs about our lives and our dreams of being winged.
BIO continues to play music of enduring optimists!


Recording equipment was used:
Korg Triton, Roland MC909, M-Audio Venom,
Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309, Roland SH32, Roland V-Synth XT,
Korg Micro X, Novation Mininova, Alesis Micron, Yamaha RX5,
Korg R3, Korg Radias, Korg M3, Yamaha Cs2x, it XL7, Yamaha Rm1x,
Yamaha Tenori-on.

Alexander Yakovlev – vocals, electronic drums, programming, keyboards.
Olga Voskonyan – vocals, keyboards.
Design: Oleg Khorkov
We want to thank everyone who inspired us and helped us record and release the album.