Nova-Spes —WorldWideWar Zone (SA109)

1.Sun And Rain
2.Piano On A Battlefield
5.When Heaven Comes
6.I Hate U I Love U
10.This Is Not A Lovesong
11.Standing Back

Review from Side-Line

In the early nineties all seems going well. The so called cold war was over. The formely two world powers once hostiled to each other seemed to conclude peace.But one military alliance broke down the other outlived and expanded. On the one side the economy collapsed on the other continued as always but with bigger chances to grow. The balances equilibrium was over but it was important for making it easy to graduate the world in good and bad – on both sides.The broke down of a military alliance gave chances to everybody to get the worst weapons on this planet in a quantity enough to conduct wars. And a third long forgotten world power grew up again : religion.


We are really terrified of a third, maybe a last, worldwar but it seems as it is okay if worldpowers fights its wars far away from our cozy houses we are sitting in, watching TV and surfing the internet. We are spectators! In 2018 death is far away and to the strangers. We have a defined WORLDWIDEWAR ZONE! So first of all the album conveys an overwhelming emotion without renouncing the suitabilitiy for dancefloors of scene clubs. Unfortunately the band announces that they no longer playing live. Thats pity cause they allready showed how good tracks like PRAY, I LOVE U I HATE U and STANDING BACK are working. They played it at the last three concerts they performed in 2016/2017. The audience loved it. Maybe this decision is not final.Its a typical NOVA-SPES-album. Typical for NOVA-SPES means atypical song structures, uncommon sounds and surprises. Every song seems from another artist. Only the voice of Matthias is a constant in every single track but in different variations. Hard and aggressive, soft and warm, clear and pervasive. So the album doesn?t become boring but it isn?t that kind of music you listen and love immediately. Like every NOVA-SPES-release you have to invest time and feelings to conquer it. And then you will love it. Thats NOVA-SPES!
In the 19 years of the history of the band it will be the 12th album and the fifth international release. In 2011 NOVA-SPES published the experimental album „Pipyat – home of lilith“, in 2012 the harder electronic LP „Leben ist Krieg“ two years after that the album „Black Sheep On White Fields“ and from now two years ago the CD „A Dog And His Boy“ came out and entered the famous German Alternative Charts (DAC) at the second position. That shows NOVA-SPES has duly arrived the club and the music scene. All these releases were published by DANSE MACABRE RECORDS, the famous independentlabel of the DAS ICH-founder and producer Bruno Kramm who mastered every single album of NOVA-SPES. Now time seems right for an unexpected change: The next album „WorldWideWar Zone“ will be published by the Russian based label SCENTAIR RECORDS and distributed by the German distributor NOVAMD. Read more about the album and the reasons for this changes here…
Matthias Hubner:
„I was in contact for years with Vladimir Romanov and I thought about a realease even for the last album A DOG AND HIS BOY at SCENTAIR but I felt that I wasn?t ready to leave DANSE MACABRE. I don?t know why…We made this release with Bruno Kramm and stayed in contact to Vladimir. I checked all the great releases he made with bands like the wonderful WANT/ed or the Hungarians APSURDE. It all was interesting and reminds me the days in the early 90s I discovered so much new music and bands I never heared before. In Germany I don?t have this feelings anymore. All the new releases are wellknown bands or they sounds like. Labels are not these explorers once they were. It becomes frightfully boring. As I read SCENTAIR will publish an album form LARVA that was a sign for me to try it again and Vladimir welcomed us with open arms. I think we have found a new home and we will start a great collaboration. It?s a little bit like a gold-rush mood that I searched and want to still love making music.“Matthias Hubner, March 2018

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