Pleasure Time —Remix About Us (SA112)

1. I Will Not Repeat (The Compulsive Mix by Arian 1)
2. No More To Talk (Reflection Remix)
3. Pleasure (Intelectrica Remix)
4. Maldito Corazon (Miguel Davila)
5. Tranquility (Remix by Nordika)
6. I will not repeat (Cyborgdrive Remix)
7. Tranquility (Neon Roads Remix)

Remix About Us) is a Repercussion of the album Debut ¨Years About Us¨ Edited by ScentAir Records on 03-11-2017.

This time the Duo Synth Pop formed by Axel and Felipe invite us to listen to Remix Versions of the songs: I Will Not Repeat, No More to Talk, Pleasure, Tranquility, Maldito Corazon, Remixes loaded with Bands Consolidated of the Genre as Nordika, Reflection , Arian 1, Cyborgdrive, Intelectrica, Neon Roads