Kasper Hate — Play More Synthpop (SA121)

01 Down The Upward Spiral
02 You Put A Spell On Me
03 Numb
04 Divine
05 Crumbling Down
06 All I Never Wanted
07 Mixtape
08 Heaven Was Wide (Album Version)
09 Bitter Bitch
10 Golden
11 Die Glocke

Review from Side-Line

Kasper Hate are known for their pretty unique musical style, often described as “New Retro Electro” – always switching between Synthpop and Electronic Dance Music.
The new album by the hamburger project, called “Play More Synthpop”, will even surprise connoisseurs.

While the well-dosed quieter songs on this record have clear Synthpop, sometimes EBM roots, every fast song (and surprisingly there are many of them) shows up as a creaking and flickering dancefloor hit.
The range of stylistic influences on this album is truly enormous. One song carries you on wafting Synthpads and Trip Hop-like beats. The characteristic voice warm and almost enveloping. The next song comes up bassy, pumping and raw, with high pitched vocals and acid-like sounds.
If you take the two words “Synth” and “Pop” separately, the album title is quite right. You will get both of it! If you take the album title literally, you have to say that Kasper Hate show up in all colours and shapes of Synthpop with this record – and in previously unseen.
Kasper Hate have not only evolved and developed their sound, they have defined it with this album.