Empire State Human — Housemuzik

01.Sister Suffragette
02.The Men
03.Sweet Point
04.My Black Friday
05.House On Ocean Drive
06.Living With Boys
08.Watson The Needle
09.B For Baby
10.This Is The City

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Irish electronic pop band Empire State Human, follow up their 2017 album ‘Romo’, with a brand new studio album called ‘Housemuzik’. Released on CD with ScentAir Records, ‘Housemuzik’ showcases all those classic ESH trademark elements, along with Aidan Casserly’s sensual and angelic voice. As with it’s predecessor ‘Romo’, ‘Housemuzik’ blends electronic, synthpop elements with intriguing lyrics, synth hooks and layerings and memorable melodies, to create a strong album, which can easily flirt with mainstream pop, as it will with die hard synthpop fans.

Written and Produced by Aidan Casserly. Mastered by Martin Bowes @ The Cage Studios and with artwork by Brian O’Malley.
ESH founding member, Aidan Casserly says – “It’s so exciting for me to be teaming up once again with Moscow based ScentAir Records, on this new Empire State Human album ‘Housemuzik’. I think ‘Romo’ surprised people and fans, it surprised me! This injection of positivity, motivated me to begin work on an immediate follow up. I looked into the art world especially, for its starting point (the term Housemuzik, I came across on a London underground advertising poster a number of years ago. Relating to an exhibition at the V&A).
I’ve always been lead by art, and by that I mean every art form. At times, I was looking at social ethics and points of view, especially on the opening track ‘Sister Suffragette’. I was reminded of F. Scott Fitzgerald, when he said “An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still function”. This is an essential point of view for artists I feel. It’s something that appears to be totally lost in Social Media however. I’m proud to present ‘Housemuzik’ as an album with opposing viewpoints and social comment. Lyrically, I feel I’ve been quite brave, especially on a song like ‘Watson The Needle’. Arthur Conan Doyle fans will understand this well. As always, I felt some special and significant personal icons help me on this album. Dirk Bogarde and David Bowie, by my side and with me in my alterate, creative world. I hope people will enjoy this album and I hope they will be willing to give it the second listen, it requires to fully get it.”