Alphamay — Retrographie 2CD (SA130)

1.Conform Us (Single Edit)
2.Follow Me (Single Edit)
3.Black Parasite
4.The Carousel
5.Love Must Die
7.Decay Of A Dream
8.Flat Earth Flat Head
9.Counting Stars
10.The Pilgrims Weep
11.Weak Philosophy
12.Ease Your Pain
13.3:45 AM
14.The Rising Moon
15.Silence Emotion (Single Edit)

1.C=64 (Old Friend)
2.The God Games
3.Dazzle Camouflage
4.Feed The Ill
5.Beloved Dreamer
6.The Crystal Orphan
7.Now An Then (Maxi Version)
8.Summer Of ‘89 (Extended)
9.Decay Of A Dream (CIRCURED Remix)
10.Counting Stars (AMPAX 80s Analog Remix)
11.Missing Me (The Dark Movement Remix)
12.Eloria (Excite Remix bx Dorfschmidt//Groehder)
13.The God Games (Breathe Remix by Schwarzschild)
14.Missing Me (Secret Cave RMX by UNPLACES)

Review from Darkroom Magazine

ALPHAMAY celebrates their first shows in Russia with the release of a packed 2 CD best of album. This album is released in fall 2019, and available only outside of Germany. With it`s 29 tracks, RETROGRAFIE offers an in-depth look at ALPHAMAY’s work up to this point.
RETROGRAFIE contains tracks from the previously released albums II III – III III – IIII II, DAZZLE CAMOUFLAGE, TWISTED LINES, THE SIMULATION HYPOTHESIS, THE MELLOW COLLIE (FIVE YEARS YOUNG), TRANS/FUSION the upcoming album to be released in 2020: CONFORMITY.
The double CD release will first be available at the band’s shows in Sankt Petersburg (October,31st) and Moscow (November, 2nd).