Amber Teaser — Human Ritual (SA132)

2.Go Out From This Chaos
4.Animal Ritual
6.Dancing In A Restaurant
8.Human Ritual
9.Dancing In A Restaurant (Hal-O-Ween Mix)

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“industrialpop…and the term industrial is not referred to the musical genre but to the industrial sector of our city”

Amber Teaser is an electro combo from Taranto(Italy), the city of steel sea and amber lights.

Sometimes melodic, sometimes jarring, the forthcoming album Human Ritual is a mix of synthpop, italo disco with a touch of kraftwerk and tremolopicking fuzzy guitars who gives an elegant industrial mood.
The cd contains, among others, the song “Dioxine”, based on Monchesque cold guitars and space synth sequencers, the single “here”, the elegant Synthpop track “dancing in a restaurant” and the danceable “go out from this chaos”.
“Human ritual” was produced by Teo de Cillis and Antonio Iacca at 229 Studios.