Die Braut — Virtual Communication (SA137)

01.The Voice
02.Virtual Communication
03.(IN) Evolution
04.Electric Body Love
05.Words In An Empty Space
06.The Endless Question
07.Without Time
08.In Search Of Immortality

We have completed a very successful cycle in a musical line, the harsh electro, which gave us many joys. We met places and countries where we enjoyed all our themes and the reception of the public was always wonderful. However, we believe it is time to take a turn in our musical career, looking for new experiences, try new sounds, get closer to other styles and look for new challenges. We are happy to be able to enjoy music in all its forms, create freely and fulfill our dreams.

Die Braut has personality that it has not left behind. The essential remains intact, however, we have been carried away by classical tastes that are part of our life story and that at some point we want to replicate, and thus, playing, we have discovered different abilities. The influences of eighties pop and trance structures, accompanied by a new voice is what keeps our new album “VIRTUAL COMMUNICATION”, which, is eager to see the light. Its musical and vocal content is based on the study and investigation of the melodic structures of other bands and musical genres and has a subtlety, dedication and investment that we had not been able to achieve for a long time.
We deeply thank those who have accompanied us in our growth and permanence as a band. We know that we will leave some “ex” of DIE BRAUT but as you lose in life, you also bet on winning many other things. We only have to say, continue accompanying us, enjoying music as we do and start a new cycle of success.

Die Braut (the bride, in English) formed by Cristian Vanelli (music, arrangements and production) and Katia Figueroa Letelier (vocals and lyrics) was born in Santiago de Chile in 2007. Linked to the underground movement of Santiago de Chile, the The band began its first record with a demo presented in 2008 called “UNSEHBAR” (Invisible) that aims to give life to electro dark through dark melodies and acid lyrics which reflected one of many problems that occurred mainly in Chile and rest of the world. The complete album was sung in German language and participated bands like Wynardtage, Dead Jump and Alien Product who contributed with their respective remixes. In 2010 the band signed a record contract with the Chilean label “Orion Records” where was released the album “WORLD OF LIES” , an album that manages to position the band abroad and participate in the Wave Gothik Treffen of the year 2011.
Once again the theme was related to socio-political issues that affected Chile. After the tour in Europe and just one year after “World of Lies” a contract is signed with Black Rain / Noitekk Records releasing “PSYCHOTHERAPY”, album that allows Die Braut to position itself in the European Rankings and Clubs. Top singles like “The new man”, “Parricida Perpetuo” & “Flüchtling” are enough to put to the band in some important magazines, radios & to be highly recognized for DJ´s and Promoters at that age. In 2014, the “PARRICIDA PERPETUO” Album is created, consisting of a CD and a Vinyl released by the Hungarian label Advoxya Records where again had collaborations through Remixes of the bands like Noisuf X, A7ie, Acylum, Stahlnebel and Blackselket, among others. This album CD with 3 new original singles and the remixes, ana a vynil containing two new singles: a remake of original “Parricida Perpetuo” single, and “Legado Mortal”. Finally and before giving a turn to the musical genre, an independent release called “UNRELEASED TRACKS 2006-2016” is made in 2016, where there was a selection of themes, not-releases remixes, rare tracks and demos of the band, made during the last 10 years of career . this last was released by the web page of the band in Bandcamp, having a great support worldwide.


In these 14 years of experience the following releases are counted:
2008: Demo called “UNSEHBAR”, Bio Hazzard Records label, Germany.
2010: Album “WORLD OF LIES”, Orion Records label, Chile.
2011: Album “PSYCHOTHERAPY”, Black Rain / Noitekk label, Germany.
2014: Album “PARRICIDA PERPETUO”, label “Advoxya Records, Hungary.
2016: Compilation “THE UNRELEASED TRACKS”, independent (digital version).