BIO—Cryptoshow live (SA165)

2.Telephone love
4.100 (Hundred)
5.Rhythms of the habitat
7.Fly with me
9.Secrets of the microcosm
10.Get started
11.The Martians
13.Old lamp
17.The New Force

A collection of live tracks of the BIO group performed at a concert in St. Petersburg, at the Mani-Hani club 20 05 2021, in Volgograd 7 05 2021, as well as at a stream concert 12 04 2020, during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in Moscow.

The concert 20 05 2021 was dedicated to the release on vinyl of the legendary album of the BIO group “Music of Persistent Optimists” in 1992. Therefore, the tracks you will hear are partly tracks from this album and the 2020 album “Cryptocivilization”. And some others.
The band has not released such live albums yet. We decided that such an album would be interesting for those who know our work. What is interesting about a live recording compared to a studio recording? It has unexpected emotions, spontaneity and, of course, comments, replicas of soloists and exclamations from the audience. All this is a part of history and a manifestation of real creative impulses. All the best and good luck in the positive!


The tracks recorded during concerts in Saint-Petersburg 20 05 2021 (1-9, 15, 16, 17); in Volgograd, 7 05 2021 (13, 14); the stream of the concert 12 04 2020 (10, 11, 12).
the authors of the music of Alexander Yakovlev, Andrey Vladimirov (4, 7), Konstantin Bugaev (12); the authors words – Andrey Hola (1, 3, 9, 15, 16); Andrey Bondarenko (5, 13), Andrey Vladimirov (4, 7), Konstantin Bugaev (12), Alexander Yakovlev (6, 7, 8, 11, 14, 17), Oleg Kostrov (Podkovyrov) (2).
The arrangements were made at the studio “Electric Records”. The following equipment was used at the concert: Roland FA 06, Roland MC909, Korg Electribe 2, Zoom ARQ, Yamaha CS2X.
BIO: Alexander Yakovlev-vocals, percussion, synthesizer, arrangement. Olga Voskonyan-vocals, synthesizer.
We express our gratitude to Oleg Horkov, Alexander Ageev, Alexey Ignatov, Maxim Sitnikov, Vladimir Romanov, Alexander Kunaev, Daria Yemelyanova, Alexander Grigoriev, Oleg Popov, Denis Chigir, Alexander Zinchenko for their help.