Irradiated With Sound — Confession (SA174)

1.Give Me The Answer
3.I Feel Good
4.Flying Away
5.No Passion
6.Like In A Dream
7.In December
9.I’m Not Scared
10.Find Yourself
11.Star Light

The Moscow electronic duet originates back in 1992, when Konstantin Popov (lyrics, vocals, melody) acquired the first synthesizer, on which, together with Alexander Makarov (backing vocals, sound design), he began to plunge into the world of electronic music. Over time, musicians begin to study computer sequencers, programs that imitate real synthesizers and allow you to record music no worse than real synthesizer. For a very long time, the work of IWS wasn’t available for synth lovers. Since, according to the authors themselves, the quality of the material left much to be desired. In the two thousandth, a coincidence separates Konstantin and Alexander and they are engaged in separate projects. And at the beginning of 2021, the reunification of the experience, emotions and strength of the musicians takes place and the album “Confessions” is born, which IWS records in one breath, filling their songs with romantic and probably nostalgic notes. The influence of such groups as Depeche mode is slightly traced , And one, Camouflage … whose music has always inspired the project participants.