New Synth — Galactico (SA181)

1.Suenos de la inmensidad
3.Synth is life
6.Maria Magdalena
9.Everybody wants to rule the world
11.Video Game boy

NEW SYNTH is a Synth pop or Electronic Pop band born in Mexico City in 2016, with Sandy Campos on synthesizers and backing vocals and Christian Campos on lead vocals and programming and Abraham Ruiz on guitar and backing vocals. (2018 to 2020) Each of them is a writer, producer, composer and performer with an exquisite taste for sounds and melodies, they have a special fondness for musical arrangements avangard, a band whose mix of electronic pop and alternative rock, result in Synth pop Rock, they express spirit in their lyrics and unusual experimentation, they create music that invites introspection of Being with danceable rhythms.

Sandy Campos:
Previously I collaborate in pop rock projects as Vocalist (covers) and doing choirs in alternate projects.

Christian Campos: He has had previous projects within the Synt scene, Duo Reflectus, Ice Machine, electro pop bands before, Christian Campos is a young musician who is anxious to make the ideas on his mind known, as well as express their emotions and give a positive message to people, since at the age of 14 his taste and interest in music was born, little by little he was experimenting with different musical styles such as rock, pop, metal until in his life he I cross electronic music and the influence of bands such as: depeche mode, camouflage, kraftwerk, omd, ultravox, bands of that style as well as new age eighties music, even punk, likewise he decided to start his musical career and compose songs that speak of love and heartbreak at the beginning and later of personal experiences, experiences around the world as well as different thoughts where there is a new world.