Diakov — Under The Stars (SA183)

3.Under The Stars
5.Step By Step
6.Goodbye Ivan
8.You Near
9.A Work To Do
10.New Page
11.Cure (Anatoly Grinberg Mix)
12.Cure (Anatoly Grinberg Remix)

The band was formed in the end of 2021 from two musicians who have over 10 years of experience in different bands and genres.

Kirill Diakov, vocalist and songwriter, has been singing and composing in bands of dark experimental, new wave, gothic rock and jazz genres.
Maxim Karaganov, multi-instrumentalist, continues his parallel work in a dream-pop band.
The musicians teamed up to create a concept album about the crisis of relationships whether its interpersonal or intrapersonal. This is a poem, a story told in the first person of each of the characters who bring their experiences out to the public.
The musical component is the cold sound of a drum machine, along with catchy guitar hooks, as well as arrangements unusual for the synth-pop genre.

Additional musicians:

Dmitry Talyan – bass on “Goodbye Ivan”, “You Near”
Maria Bogaichuk (Maria Chu) – back vocals on “You Near”,

Alexander Medvedev – mixing engineer
Anatoly (Tokee) Grinberg – mastering engineer