Sawkett — Corrupted Timeline (SA186)

1.Artificial Dimension
2.Soul Scanner
3.Razorblade Nightfall
4.The Swarm
6.God Parasite
7.Static Above
9.Dead Lights

Industrial, dark electro, rhythmic noise оne man band, founded by Fedor R in Moscow, 2020.

The project takes stylistic cues from early 00’s aggrotech school by using distorted pumping and crunchy drums, aggressive and depressive motives, processed hissing vocals, while also experimenting with modern EDM elements. Key track themes are centered around human downfall and rumination on the past, present and the future.
At the moment, the artist has self-released “The Descent” (2020) и “Cursed to Evolve” (2021) LPs. Release of “Corrupted Timeline” is scheduled for July.
Album hymn:
“As we kept bending reality to our will, the strings that held it together eventually ruptured. Now all we are left with is a long crack stretching throughout our sky, accompanied by dead pixels and white noise.”