The Waltzing Dogs — Cosmo Squirrel Jackie & the BD– «Space Buddy»: The Incredible Adventures Beyond The Stars! (SA188)

1.Dead Exotic (Intro)
2.In Captivity Of Eternity
3.Black Robot, White Robot
4.Yes I Know (Die Frau Im Mond)
5.Through The Mirage
6.Chronos Will Scatter Us
7.My Little Robot
8.When The Music Is Noise
9.No One Will Die While Love Is Alive
10.Spacewerk Calling (My Little Friend) (Vocoder Version)
11.The Waltzing Dogs Tribe
12.My Love Deeper Than Space
13.Black Robot, White Robot (Rummex Dance Remix)
14.My Love Deeper Than Space (Rummex Dance Remix)
15.The Fairy Of Yesterday (v.2010)
16.The Spider’s Romance, The Fall Of The Sun (v.2000)

We present to you the debut full-length album from underground space-pop–cranks from Izhevsk – the birthplace of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and the former capital of electronic music in Russia. The project of the permanent commander Jack Waltzing Dog was founded back in the distant noughties and is thoroughly saturated with all the electronic (and not only) waves of the past, present and future, and not only musically, but also visually – no live performance of the band can do without a powerful enchanting show.

The Album is conceptual and tells about the journey of the Cosmobelchonok Jackie in search of his lost friend – a small robot BD (Beautiful Droid). The tracks are filled with interstellar sadness, Jackie tells us about the events taking place during these crazy flights, and in between talks about the total madness of All Worlds, the deadly dangers lurking starfarers in Distant Space; the unreality of a thousand realities, the inevitable elimination of the Universe, about aliens indistinguishable from humans and about people who have turned themselves into robots … And, of course, about Love, which is deeper than Space, and from which even the most durable spacesuit will not save…
The cold expression of vocals, periodically flavored with the mechanistic creaking of the vocoder; an android drummer; sufferings on icy synthesizers in the dust of stars – Jack’s keyboard passages at the peak of musical collisions go almost into prog …
Plunge together with the Waltzing Dogs into a New Space Odyssey of the XXI century!

We express our gratitude to Ramil «Rois» Voroncov for the design of the album;
Oleg Sergeev, Poumalchan – for preliminary mixing (tracks 6,8,9,10,13);
Evgeny Ovchinnikov – for recording vocals;
Konstantin Rummex Kapustin – for remixes;
Anatoly Grinberg, Anton «Soul» Chuvashov – for mixing & mastering – without them, the album would never have been released;
Andrey Devyatykh – for perfecting the 12th track;
And, of course, to the head of the label, Vladimir Romanov, for, in fact, the publication and powerful moral support


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