Inner Conflict — Alive (SA189)

1.Outro Comes (Stay Alive)
2.Desert Wind
4.Where Do We Go
5.Color Shades
6.My Cat
9.Albeit (Instrumental)
11.Secret Role

“ALIVE” is the second long play from INNER CONFLICT after a long break, including tracks from the singles “Oh! Now I Sea It!” and “Where Do We Go”, released in 2020 and 2023 respectively, and also tracks not previously released.

As planned many years ago, the first track of the new “Alive” is a full-length version of the last track “Outro” from the previous “It’s Just A Game”. This connects two points on the timeline, emphasizing the musicians’ support and dedication to their chosen style, that is time-tested “Old School Synth-Pop”.
Tracks are very social but romantic in nature and invite anyone to stay alive and active as long as possible in spite of any difficulties of life.

Vitaly Mikheyev (Vytalix) – Synths, Programming, Vocals
Artyom Babushkin (Bart) – Synths, Programming

Lyrics, Artwork by Vytalix
Recorded and mixed at IC Home Studio by Vytalix
Produced by Inner Conflict
?&©2023 Inner Conflict

Synths used (Alphabetic order):
Access Virus B (Classic), Alesis DM5, Boss Dr.110 Dr.Rhythm,
Clavia Nord Modular, Elektron MonoMachine, Korg Poly 800,
Novation Nova, Roland D550, Roland SH32, Yamaha EX5R,
Yamaha SY77, Waldorf Blofeld


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