Geotronika — Walk On The Moon (SA193)

1.Star Ocean
2.Electronic, Atomic
3.Walking On The Moon
4.Guitar On The Mars
5.Inner Nature
6.In search Of Answers
7.Nostalgia For Earth
8.Distant Voices
9.Star Rain Drops

The new instrumental, electronic album of the project of the leader of the Bioconstructor groups, BIO Alexander Yakovlev is again devoted to the themes of space…

Instruments used during recording: Korg Triton Le, Yamaha SY99, Alesis Micron, Novation Mininova, Yamaha TG33, Roland TB3, IK Uno synthesizer, Yamaha DX100, Acess Virus TI, EMU XL1.
Recorded at Electric Records studio (c) 2024.
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