Outpost Of Progress — Nightwings (SA194)

1.Dirt (The Stooges Cover)
2.The Stars Look Down
3.Beyond The Night
4.One Of These Endless Nights
5.Lift Up Your Sky
6.Beat And The Pulse (Austra Cover)
7.Don’t Let The Night End
8.Ladder To Your Star
9.Not Of This Earth
10.Subterranean Love
11.Dancing On The Razor’s Edge
12.Ride Your Heart
13.The Wanderer (U2 Cover)

The Italian alternative electronic music project “Outpost Of Progress” (Comprised of Music Composer/ Producer Riccardo Pinzuti, Singer/Songwriter Max Bindi and Backing Vocalist Giulia Ferini) presents their third release entitled “Nightwings”.

The Album features fourteen tracks oscillating between alternative Synth pop, Electropop and Melodic Electronica.
The songs are sometimes catchy and other times experimental or incorporate both aspects in eminently fluid and unconventional structures.
The atmosphere of the album is dreamy and coloured with vintage synths and soft vocal mantras that lyrically refine themes of Isolation, escapism, oddity and enterprise as already explored in the previous albums.

The band’s passion for 80s soundscapes is pronounced in most of the tracks even if the music is extremely eclectic and pervaded with a strong psychedelic vibe.
Nightwings also includes revisited covers from favourite artists such as the Stooges, Austra and U2, which perfectly complement the mood and narrative of the album.


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